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Rohde & Schwarz er einn stærðsti framleiðandi mælitækja í heiminum og er einn þeirra virtasti og má nefna að flestir aðrir framleiðendur nota mælitæki frá þeim til að stilla framleiðslu sína. Einnig eru þeir brautryðjendur nýjunga á fjarskiptasviði og vinna þar með Háskólum um viða veröld í þróun nýrrar tækni.

The R&S FSH3 is a handy, robust and portable spectrum analyzer for rapid and cost-effective signal investigations.

  • A large number of measurement functions enable the R&S FSH3 to handle anything from installation or maintenance of mobile radio base stations, through on-site fault location in RF cables to simple lab applications
  • Function keys and a simple menu structure make the R&S FSH3 easy to use
  • Best RF characteristics and high measurement accuracy in this class of spectrum analyzers
  • 4 hours of continuous operation on battery power
  • Rapid and easy data transfer to PC
  • Excellent price/performance ratio.

    Signal Analyser

    Heimasíða Rohde & Schwarz

The Signal Analyzer R&S FSQ is based on the tried and tested R&S FSU family and extends the IQ demodulation bandwidth to 28 MHz, thus opening up new application areas.
The Signal Analyzer R&S FSQ combines two instruments in one:
  • Spectrum analyzer with highest dynamic range available and wide resolution bandwidths; the RF performance is the same or better as that of the R&S FSU
  • IQ demodulation with wide demodulation bandwidth of 28 MHz
Frequency ranges:
FSQ3 20 Hz to 3.6 GHz
FSQ8 20 Hz to 8 GHz
FSQ26 20 Hz to 26 GHz

Supported modulation formats:
  • WLAN 802.11a OFDM analysis
  • 3GPP code domain analysis and transmitter tests

    Optical Measurement

    Semiconductors, lasers, optical fibres, WDM, DWDM; the ever expanding number of applications for optoelectronic devices demands absolute accuracy for measuring optical parameters.
    We offer a comprehensive line of high performance and cost-effective products for optical measurements for use in R & D, production, calibration, industry, and professional training. Our line of products is continually updated to keep pace with the latest developments, providing wavelength and power meters, spectrum and network analyzers, and ultra-long-haul Coherent and Dispersion time domain reflectometers.

Digital Radio Testers R&S CTS for mobile phones

Tester family for fast and conclusive GSM and DECT measurements in service



Digital Radio Tester CTS – the service tester family from Rohde & Schwarz – comes in four models:
  • CTS30 for mobile phones GSM900/ 1800/ 1900 remote control only (no display)
  • CTS55 for mobile phones to GSM900/ 1800/1900
  • CTS60 for DECT phones (portable part and fixed part)
  • CTS65 for GSM and DECT

Digital Radio Tester CTS is an extremely compact, modular yet powerful measuring instrument. It combines great ease of operation and the necessary test depth for use in all service areas for mobile and cordless phones: from a simple functional test to repairs. Both the newcomer and the service specialist will be able to conveniently carry out fast automatic functional tests as well as complex and comprehensive manual measurements down to component level.

GSM measurement functions
  • CTS55 simulates a GSM base station and can completely control the mobile for testingpurposes. The following measurements and tests can performed by automatic test routines or manually.
  • Synchronization of mobile phone with base station (which is simulated by CTS)
  • Location update
  • Call establish (mobile originated/ mobile terminated)
  • Call release (mobile originated/ mobile terminated)
  • Power Control
  • Measurement of transmitter power
  • Handover (channel change)
  • Sensitivity
    • Bit error rate BER and RBER
    • RxLev and RxQual
  • Phase and frequency error
  • Power ramp versus time (Power time template)
  • Dual band handover
  • Timing error
  • Echo test (voice test, includes also testing of loudspeaker and microphone)
  • Function test of mobile's keypad through display of dialled number
  • Display of
    • IMSI (international mobile subscriber identity)
    • IMEI (international mobile equipment identity)
  • GPRS signalling
  • All coding schemes CS1 - 4

All this measurements can be found in 5 different modes of operation:
    1. Go/ Nogo Test mode
    2. Auto test mode
    3. Manual test mode
    4. Module test mode (optional)
    5. Remote control (from an external PC (optional))

DECT measurement, test and adjustment capabilities
  • Synchronization of DUT with the CTS
  • Call establish
  • Call release
  • Echo test
  • Detection and display of RFPI (FP)
  • Normal transmit power (NTP)
  • Power ramp versus time(Power time template)
  • Modulation characteristics versus time
  • Frequency offset
  • Maximum modulation deviation
  • Frequency drift
  • Timing (jitter, packet delay)
  • Bit error rate (BER), frame error rate (FER)
  • GAP signalling (optional)
  • IPUI detection (optional)

The DECT measurements are available in three different modes
  • Auto test mode (free configurable)
  • Manual test mode
  • Remote control (from an external PC (optional))

Remote control with CTS-GO
CTS-Go is a free application software, which gives the user an example of the CTS capabilities, which are available under remote control. All above listed functions are accessable from an external Windows based PC via RS232 interface (requires option CTS-K6).