Töng F, BNC, IEC

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Universal Compression Tool MASTER (for straight and angular BNC, F, IEC, RCA connectors)
Code: E80078




The MASTER E80078 universal compression tool is designed for compressing straight and angular F, BNC, RCA, IEC connectors.
The complimentary tool for cable stripping is the MASTER E8010 stripper.
Distinguishing features of the MASTER E80078 compression tool:
  • durable tool made from the highest quality materials
  • compact size
  • storage lever lock
  • for compression F, RCA, BNC, IEC connectors, straight and angular
  • for connectors with different lengths, adjustable with a screw
  • suitable for RG-59, RG-6, Triset-113, Triset Profi cables
  • the preparation of the tool for a selected connector is performed with:
    • the use of a suitable tip
    • appropriate arrangement of the tip
    • setting the adjustment screw