Kabal stripper RG59, RG6, K290

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Afeinangrari for RG59, RG6, Triset-113, Triset Profi, Triset-11 and phone cables
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Insulation Stripper MASTER (for RG59, RG6, Triset-113, Triset Profi, Triset-11 and phone cables)
Code: E8010




The MASTER E8010 stripper is a high quality, versatile tool for preparing coaxial cables to install connectors, a must-have device for each installer. The device is equipped with two adjustable blades for RG-59, RG6, Triset-113, Triset Profi oraz Triset-11 cables, plus a knife for stripping computer and telephone cables, and knife for cutting cables.
The complimentary tool for compressing BNC, F, IEC, RCA connectors is MASTER E80075.
Spare blade for the MASTER E8010 stripper is available as the E8010N item.
Distinguishing features
  • suitable for:
    • RG59, RG6, Triset-113, Triset Profi, RG7, RG11, Triset-11 coaxial cables
    • UTP/FTP and flat telephone cables
  • strips the outer jacket and central conductor dielectric a single operation,
  • has adjustable stripper for coaxial cables,
  • has two blades to strip outer and inner insulation of telephone cables - 4P/6P/8P cables are prepared in one operation.