UHF FM Inni og í bílinn eða traktorinn

Verð stk. 7.900,- ISK

Inniloftnet í bílinn eða traktrrinn
Þyngd: 150 gr.
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Kaupa vöru

Maximum 20 db telescope 5 V an

There is a limited quantity of this product, and it can't be reordered.

Amplifier voltageDC 5 V

Cable length3 metres

CATVConnectorIEC plug

Consumption current10 mA

Gain20 dB

Impedance75 O

Operation temperature-20 ~ 65° C

PolarizationLinear horizontal

Size (W x H x D)38 x 5 x 1 cm (137 x 5 x 1 cm)

Storage temperature-30 ~ 75° C